Blackheads are a type of acne characterized by a dark black spot. This acne type can occur on any and every part of your face and even your body. They are recurring pesky black spots on your nose, ears, chin, around lips, mouth corner, chest or back. They occur in clusters and are unsightly. Ear blackheads are a little more painful and are quite stubborn.

Our skin contains hundreds of tiny pores. Blackheads occur in partially blocked pores. When sebum, dead cells, and bacteria drain slowly to the surface of the skin, the pigments in the skin turn black on oxidization. This forms skin eruptions in the form of blackheads.


The possible factors that cause blackheads are:

*  Excess dead cells blocking the opening to the pore.
* Excess production of facial oil.
* Improper cleansing routine wherein the facial oil may not be getting removed.
* Excess scrubbing of the skin.
* Use of products/makeup that may contain too much of oil.
* Medical problems like indigestion, constipation, under active thyroid and anemia are also considered as contributing factors to blackheads.

To curb the growth of blackheads you need to mange them. You should avoid using harsh soaps and creams that have too much of chemicals. Also, you should refrain from creams, moisturizers and lotions that are too oily or sticky. You should also be aware of your skin type and use the creams accordingly.

It is easy to manage blackheads at home with some time tested home remedies for blackheads. Besides, wash your face twice a day with a mild soap and water. Do not touch your face often. Instead use natural treatments for blackheads for quick results. They are safe as well as cost effective.


The popular methods to treat, remove blackheads are:
* Comedolytic topical agents consisting of benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, salicylic acid, retinoids, and glycolic acid.
Isotretinoin, antibiotics and hormonal therapy.
* Exfoliating agents
* Pore strips
* Certain surgeries such as Cryotherapy, Electrosurgery and Microdermabrasion.
* Metallic blackhead extractors can also be used.

It is suggested to get the blackheads removed by a dermatologist. You can also do it yourself if you know the three step process to extract a blackhead the right way. However, too much of extraction at home is not suggested. As, damage to the surrounding tissues occasioned by squeezing may lead to scarring.

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