Who says, having a clean and clear skin is a costly affair? If you do not want to spend your hard earned dollars on those expensive scrubs, gels, creams, strips and extractors to remove blackheads, here come the best home remedies to cure your blackheads. These are safe as well as quite easy on your pocket.

1.    Fenugreek
Fenugreek is a powerful anti-blackhead herb. To cure your blackheads crush some fenugreek leaves and make a paste with water. Apply this on the affected area, say face, for about 10 minutes. And rise with lukewarm water. This will curtail blackhead growth. For clear skin, free from blackheads, apply this paste every night before bed.

2.    Coriander Leaves
This is another easy to apply night pack for blackheads. Apply a mix of 1 teaspoon of coriander leaves juice and half teaspoon of turmeric powder before going to bed. And next morning, wash it with the cold water. Not only your blackheads will be reduced but your skin complexion will also be improved.

3.    Curd
Mix 1 teaspoon of curd and rice flour to make a paste. Apply it on the blackhead affected area. And wash your face with cold water.

4.    Honey
Honey is really good for your skin. If you apply warm honey on the affected area and wash it after 10 minutes, you will benefit a lot. Honey will act as a natural peel to your blackhead affected skin. Besides, removing blackheads, it will also improve your skin.

5.    Baking Soda & Water
a) This is a blackhead extraction method. By mixing equal amounts of baking soda and water, make a solution and rub it for few minutes. Now wash off with luke warm water and some of your blackheads would be removed.

b) Boil 4 cups of water in a pan and put 2 teaspoons of baking soda in it. Now place a towel over the pan and touch the towel on the affected area. Repeat the exercise for five to six times.

6.    Epsom salt and iodine
Take a cotton wad and soak it in a solution made from Epsom salt, iodine and warm water. Dab the cotton wad on your blackheads and it will loose the pores. Next, you can use any of the effective face scrubs like green tea scrub to remove the blackheads.

7.    Fuller’s earth, glycerin soap and almond powder
Put in the exact ratio of 1:2:4, fuller’s earth, glycerin soap, and almond powder in warm water to make a smooth paste. Now put it over your blackheads. Keep it for some time and then wash of.

Or instead, mix a pinch of glycerin soap with table salt and apply it on your blackheads. Within a week, you will notice the good results.

8.    Lemon Juice
a) Lemon is another gift from nature to have an ever shiny skin. Squeeze a piece of lemon to get its juice, and put it directly on the affected areas. Repeat this twice-thrice a day. It will clear your skin of blackheads by tightening your pores.

b) Mix equal ratio of limejuice with evenly powdered cinnamon and apply it in the night. You can wash this pack in the morning and have a clear skin.

c) Another effective blackhead pack can be made from a mixture of a grounded and roasted skin of pomegranate and lemon juice.

d) Or, blend crushed drumstick pods and leaves with lemon juice to make the pack.

9.    Rose & Oatmeal Mask
Mix oatmeal powder with rose water and apply this natural mask on your blackhead prone area. This is a very effective remedy for blackheads and checks future out break as well. Wash it off with cold water after 15 minutes.

10.    Potatoes
This one works against your pimples, wrinkles, whiteheads and blackheads! Just grate one potato and apply it directly on the problem area. It is that simple!

11.    Radish Seeds
Make a paste from ground radish seeds and water and apply it on the blackheads. After 15 minutes, use lukewarm water to rinse of.

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